The Streitmatter Prairie Apostolic Christian Church was organized in 1870. J. Christian Streitmatter, one of six Streitmatter brothers, became a member of the Apostolic Christian Church in Peoria, about 1867. Living in the Princeville area in Akron Township along with his brothers, J. Christian told his brothers of the principals and belief which appealed to him and most of this brothers adopted this faith.

When first organized, the Apostolic Christian Church of Akron Township or "Streitmatter Prairie", had J. Christian Streitmatter for their minister. Services were held in the homes of members for a number of years.

In 1880 they erected their first house of worship in the SW corner of Section 3 in Akron Township, on ground donated by Jacob Streitmatter. This house was later enlarged with a vestibule, audience room and kitchen.

When the need of a new church became apparent, it was decided to build in Princeville, IL.

In 1920, the building of a new church house was started and erected in Princeville on the east edge of town at a cost of about $60,000. Services were held in the new church on June 5, 1921.

As time passed, it became evident that the church was no longer able to accommodate all the members and friends that wished to worship. After prayerful consideration, it was agreed that a new church be built at Bradford. Construction was started in April 1963, and work was completed and services were first held on July 5, 1964. Approximately thirty-five families from the Princeville congregation attended the Bradford church.

In the spring of 1967, the facilities again were becoming inadequate and it was decided to
consider building a new house of worship. After prayerful consideration and being in agreement among the members, a building committee was selected, who along with the church trustees at this time, were to weigh this matter.

On May 14, 1968, a group of members gathered at the new building site (which was a short distance behind the present building) and together humbly asked God to bless this important undertaking, and work was started the next day. Work progressed well, due to the willingness of many of the congregation who gave of their time in assisting the building contractor. The cost of this building was approximately $511,000.

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27, 1969, was the date for the first services held in our current church building.