Vacation Bible School

Every year, in June we have Vacation Bible School. We welcome you to join us!

Monday through Friday children ages 4 through eighth grade have Bible school from 7 to 8:30 pm. The students begin with a time of singing together as a group, then break out into their individual class rooms where they have a lesson from the Bible followed by a hands on craft.

On Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings we have services in the main sanctuary for our high school aged students as well as everyone else in the church. A visiting minister conducts the service and we usually have a topic we focus on for the week. The service lasts approximately an hour and is followed by a 20 minute song service (usually a singing group stands up and sings for us). We wrap up the worship service with the entire congregation singing the song on the back of the program for the week. After the service, everyone is welcome to join us for refreshments.