Sunday, September 29, 2019

1.      Wiener Roasts for the 3rd – 12thgrades are today. Students will return to the church for parents to pick up at 7:30.

2.      Harvest Call is this Friday from 9 to noon.

3.      Harvest Call Family Night is this Friday at 7 pm at Bro. Ben & Sis. Ann Herrmann’s shed.

4.      Next Sunday is Princeville’s turn to sing at Skylines after church.

5.      The boxes will be open for our donations to Harvest Call the next two Sundays.

6.      Invite-a-guest is Sunday, November 10th.  Sign-up sheets are on the table in the FH area.

7.      The Evening of Remembrance for our church building’s 50 years is scheduled for Friday, November 22nd.

8.      The Harvest Call Missionary Packet updates have been handed out.  If you didn’t receive one or are interested in getting a booklet, please contact Bro. Rod or Sis. Cathy Stahl.

9.      Please see the attachment regarding a Skylines event.