Sunday, November 17, 2019

1.       The Bible Class students have practice at the FH this Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm.

2.       Our Church’s 50th Anniversary Night of Remembrance is this Friday at the FH at 7 pm.  The Remembrance Books will be available then.  Cost is $13 per book and checks can be made payable to the church.

3.       The testimonies for Kami Stahl and Tagen Steidinger are this Saturday at 7 pm. Everyone is invited to the baptisms on Sunday.  There are sign-up sheets on the bulletin board.

4.       New lists are being made for the upcoming year.  If there are any changes for the Church Rotating Potluck list, please contact Sis. Margie Schick.  If there any changes to the Skylines Thursday evening services, please contact Sis. Heather Plattner.

5.       Skylines Home has openings for a Director of Nursing and also for Home Care Services.  More details are in the email announcements.